Using Flip-Flops to Stay Healthy

June 15, 2012

Did you know that flip-flops can help keep you healthy this summer?

When you go to the pool or use public showers, take along some dollar store flip-flops. When you expose your feet to a wet floor, you run the risk of taking disease or fungus (such as athlete's feet) with you when you leave. Instead, wear your cheap flip-flops to protect your feet.

Remember to include an extra pair of flip-flops in your kids' suitcases when they go to summer camp too!

For those who are fashion-conscious, you can easily dress up your cheap flip-flops with some adhesive flowers, jewels, or other ornamentation -- but try using items you already have around the house to save money. Otherwise, you'll quickly turn those dollar store flip-flops into fancy, expensive ones!


  1. Also, make sure kids going away to college take flip flops or some other form of shower shoes for use in the dorms! I also take them to the gym to use in the locker room.

    Found you via the Hip Homeschool Mom's.

  2. Great input for additional ideas -- thanks for stopping by! :)


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