Making Your Home More Secure

June 4, 2012

Having your home broken into is not a great feeling. Many victims of burglary feel violated because of the invasion and total lack of respect these criminals have for their community. Here are some basic ways you can make it more difficult for someone to break in your home. 

1. If you have a security system, USE IT.

Why pay the monthly bill if you never plan to set your alarm? Many break-ins occur in homes with an unset alarm.

2. If your driveaway is long, consider a wireless driveway alarm.

You can purchase a kit containing a receiver and wireless sensor which, when installed, will beep anytime someone comes into your driveway. It's activated when motion is detected within a certain radius around the sensor. It's an easy DIY project taking only about 30 minutes to install.

3. Secure your doors with better screws.

Install longer screws into your door jamb. Replace the shorter screws that usually come with hinges and door handles with screws that are 4-6" long. Doors only slow down a burglar, but you can slow them more with this simple modification.

The economy is still slow, and it seems that break-ins have increase over the last few years. Bad guys will always be bad guys, but if your home is more secure, it may deter them from coming to YOUR house.

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