Kids Call 911 on Cell Phones?

June 6, 2012

Since cell phones are more convenient and with us all the time, many families are choosing to discontinue land line phone service in their homes to save money. Here's a huge issue no one is talking about -- what happens in the event of an emergency and you are unable to call 911 yourself??

We assume that our children know how to call 911. Perhaps they have learned it in school during safety week. Unfortunately, many children know more about how to play games on a cell phone than how to use the calling functions.

Spend time teaching your child how to operate your phone. Make sure they understand how to access the phone functions: how to turn it on, how to enter a passcode (if it automatically locks), and how to dial and send a phone number. While teaching, it is important to allow them to operate the phone. For example, they can practice calling Grandma to get used to it. I'm sure she won't mind. Do not allow them to actually dial 911,  since this should be reserved for actual emergencies only.

If you upgrade to a different type of phone, reteach your child to make sure they understand the new functions. Once again, allow them to operate the phone without actually dialing 911.

Teaching your child how to use your cell phone to call 911 could save your life! 

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