Traveling with Kids? Keep Them Busy

May 10, 2012

Making plans for summer vacation already? If you are, and you have kids, then you will want to print and take these simple activities with you!

Suddenly, your kids will be interested in watching everything outside their window! Keep the kids busy finding license plates from the United States and Canada. Just because you may be traveling to Florida, doesn't mean you won't see a truck from Manitoba.

Also, they can keep track of what type of vehicles they see and what brand they are. Included in the brand list are car, truck and RV manufacturers. The list is not all-inclusive (because that would be HUGE), but includes brands you will most commonly see in the United States.

This is a great way to pass the time, and it turns "are we there yet?" into "have you found Oregon yet?". Your kids might also learn something too (but don't tell them)!

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