Earth Week Tip #2: No Paper Towels

April 20, 2012

Raise your hand if you have a paper towel addiction?, right there... How much money do YOU spend on paper towels in a month, a year? If you tend to spend when it comes to paper towels, you are a great candidate for intervention. Even if you are a couponer and never have to pay for paper towels, you are a great candidate for intervention because you may use paper towels even more than necessary because of being cheap or free. Imagine making room for more important things in your stockpile! 

Replace your paper towels with real towels. You never have to worry about all those things they show in the TV commercials such as spills, tearing -- and you can hold heavy objects while the towel is wet (this one is always funny to watch). They can do the job of paper towels much better. They hold up better to tough jobs.

A dirty window will usually take multiple paper towels to clean. It's possible that you us an entire roll in one day of cleaning. Instead, we recommend that you use one damp towel and one dry towel to clean those windows. Use the damp towel with your spray cleaner and wipe the window and follow it with your dry towel to dry the window.

The convenience of using real towels is that they can be reused and you can simply toss them in the laundry with your other towels. Save some trees and save some green by eliminating the need for paper towels! You will be glad you made the switch!

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