March 2012 Challenge

March 9, 2012

Share as many CREATIVE ideas as possible for a 32 ounce size Ball canning jar. Since the original intended purpose of this jar is for canning, submit ideas that EXCLUDE canning food. There are no size categories this month -- just the 32 ounce size.

Please submit your idea by posting a comment below. If you would like to submit more than one idea, please post each idea in a separate comment. Remember, you can demonstrate your idea and submit your idea via YouTube video. Send the video link to or post the link in your comment below.
Have some fun with family and friends by making it competitive! Share this page with them to see who among your group can submit the most creative idea for this month's challenge!

The prize selections are as follows:
250x250 banner to post on your website/blog or as your Facebook profile picture
250x250 banner of your website/blog to be posted on PracTips
~~The Great Gardener Gift Pack~~
Includes basket, garden gloves, a variety of seeds,
a gardening book, hand lotion and more!

Please submit your ideas no later than 11:59pm EST, Saturday, March 31, 2012. All submissions received after this time and date will be posted, however will be ineligible to receive a prize.
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