You Can Fix It!

February 11, 2012

Have you ever broke the door handle on your refrigerator and wondered where to get a replacement? Have you ever removed the knobs on your stove to clean them, only to lose one before putting them back on?

It is recommended to maintenance your appliances on a regular basis by cleaning the surfaces, drawers, shelves, racks, handles, and knobs. However, sometimes things happen and you need a quick solution. A great website for appliance parts is Appliance Zone. You can enter the model number of your appliance and find virtually every replacement part you can think of. An additional benefit of the website is the instant "Live Chat". No need to hunt around for the exact part number because they do the searching for you.

Save money by using Appliance Zone before you call a repairman. Just the initial visit can cost you $75 or more, and doesn't even include the part or the labor to install the part. Plus, you will wait for the part to come in before the repairman will come back to your home. Shipping is quick, and you will have your appliance repaired cheaper because you did it yourself.

If you choose Appliance Zone and place an order, please let them know that PracTips sent you!

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