Journal of a Move Part 3

February 24, 2012

Separating a family during the transition of moving causes an expected amount of stress, however it is stress only understood by others who have experienced the same situation. Our idea to make the stress easier was to set a daily time to use Facebook video chat. Can I just say, the first video chat was worse than we expected because the kids were sad that they could see Daddy, but not touch him or hug him. After the call, I spent the next hour calming them down to get them into bed. We decided to wait a couple days to try again. The second video chat went much better. We have been able to have successful video chats, although we can't do them every day because it's easier on the kids and on me.

Again, I understand that our time apart is nothing like what our brave men and women in the military have to go through in being separated for YEARS at a time, not just days or weeks. While I try to keep that in perspective, my kids are too young to understand that. They just know their Daddy had to move for work and miss him.

Here are some realizations now that I’m “flying solo”. The trash still somehow needs to go to the dump. I really need an occasional sitter so I can have some Mama time. I need to get rid of some a lot of things and plan a yard sale, maybe two. I need to take care of all our unfinished projects in the house. I need to research homeschooling laws and co-op groups in Michigan. I need to research the real estate market to find something comparable to what we own in South Carolina. This is the early list – it will surely grow over time.

No matter what frustrations, stress, or insecurities we experience during this transition, I know that God has a plan for us and cares about what’s happening. If we keep our eyes on Him, we can rest in knowing that He is there and He will always love us. I’m reminding myself every day the lyrics of the hymn “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus” –

Turn your eyes upon Jesus
Look full in His wonderful face
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
In the light of His glory and grace!

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  1. While our family has never gone through this separation for a job, I know when the boys have little time with their daddy during the week, they aren't happy. You definitely have a lot going on right now. Keep smiling, trusting Jesus and drinking more coffee. :)


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