Tip for Putting Away Your Artificial Tree

January 7, 2012

Putting away Christmas decorations can be a hefty chore, especially these days with multiple trees going up in each home. We put up a tree in our living room and in each of the kids' rooms. We used to put up additional trees in the master bedroom and in the family room, but...well...we had kids. I have yet to restart my "go-all-out" decorating, but eventually plan to again.

I hesitate every year, sometimes waiting until the end of January to store everything away. Part of me wants to continue the holiday spirit after the chaos has ended, however the other part of me doesn't want the hassle. I'm sure there are others who wait as long as I do, but I have yet to meet them.

The hassle I'm referring to is with the trees. Have you ever scratched up your hands while collapsing artificial tree branches? I certainly have! We all know that if we don't squeeze the branches together sufficiently, that tree's never, I mean NEVER, going back in that box. I'm convinced that there are little elves playing tricks on us by reducing the size of tree boxes all over the world!

I discovered a great way to save my hands from damage is to wear oven mitts while folding up the tree branches. Not sure why, but I don't have a "set" of oven mitts, so you'll have to forgive my mismatching in the photo. Ha, ha!

This simple solution is a great way to save your skin and your manicure!

Post updated 12/29/2014

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