Journal of a Move: Part 2

January 31, 2012

The last couple of days have been busy as we prepared our home for that first realtor visit and packing for the partial move. We are not ready to list our home just yet, however we needed to see what a good starting price would be once we do list it.

Once we remove some things from our "hidden places" such as closets, storage rooms, and the attic, the staging process begins to get ready to put our house on the market. It's important that we take care of those unfinished details to previous home improvement projects. There is trim to stain, transition strips to install, that spot on the ceiling that needs touched up, and the family room to paint a basic white. We will consider painting our daughter's room, which is currently a pastel pink, as well as our kids' bathroom, currently dark green. Neutral colors sell a home better. It prevents potential buyers from walking away thinking, "Well, that's one room we'll have to re-do".

Part of our busyness has been to pack six months worth of essentials for an apartment in the destination city. There will be commuting back and forth until the house sells. It feels strange to have separation in the family, however it is nothing compared to what our military families experience with their soldier being gone for YEARS at a time. I certainly have nothing to complain about when I put into perspective.

Deciding what is "essential" can be difficult because of trying to prevent unnecessary expenses. What pots and pans can I let go of? How many sets of sheets are enough? Which clothes go and which ones stay? Some of these questions are easy to answer for now. Since here in South Carolina it has been in the 60's, heavy down coats aren't necessary, but they certainly are in Michigan so that's where they go.

We are pressing on through this transition, and it has been okay so far. I'm expecting that we will experience frustration at some point. We'll see...

Until next time...keep following for Part 3...

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