Journal of a Move: Part 1

January 27, 2012

If you have ever had to move, you know that it is hard work, especially if you have accumulated a considerable amount of possessions. Even if you have movers come in to pack, move, and unpack on the other end, there is much to be done to prepare for them to arrive.

Since our family has taken on the tremendous task of relocation, I plan to journal the experience along the way. You will see regular postings on PracTips where I share how we are progressing -- including challenges, ideas, and successes. I have relocated twice in my adult life. The first time I was single, and the second time it was my husband and me. Now that we have two children, two dogs, a tractor, and a bunch of stuff, it is much more difficult.

Additional aspects of this move is that my husband will be living and working in the new location while we are getting things together, selling the extras, and staging the house to be put on the market. Once we have sold the house, our family will be able to reunite in the new location and purchase a home. Obvious concerns are regarding the economy and the housing market. We will be praying and trusting that God will direct our path through the process, and that He is preparing the right buyer for our home.

Please join us on this journey and I hope you will share it with family and friends. 

Thank you for following PracTips!

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