January Challenge Begins!

January 6, 2012

The first Monthly Challenge at PracTips has just been posted! Each month, an item or collection of items will be presented.  The object of the challenge is to come up with as many practical ideas for the item(s) as possible. Share your ideas by posting a comment. You may also submit a photo or video link by email to beckthings@gmail.com. There is a deadline for posting ideas, so make sure you submit prior to the date and time posted on each challenge.

The person who submits the most creative idea for the challenge will be declared the winner. There will be various prizes offered to the winner, of which one can be chosen. Here are the prize options:

Free 250x250 advertising block on PracTips for one month
Free "I'm the Monthly Challenge Winner" banner to post on your page
~ ~ OR ~ ~
A fabulous prize package to be announced with each month's challenge
Please share the Monthly Challenge with your family and friends! The more submissions we have, the more fun we can have sharing ideas for practical living!
Thank you for following PracTips!

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