Time for Gardening?

February 23, 2011

Is it time for YOU to learn gardening? What once was a regular sight in many American back yards, the home garden has become something maybe only your mother, grandmother or aunt does. After all, can't we just go buy fruits and vegetables at the store or local farmer's market? Why do all that work? Who has the time?

We have been hearing news lately that the price of food is going up. With the jobless rate so high, gasoline prices getting higher (again!), and the economy still not in recovery (despite what we've been told), we certainly do not need higher food prices.

Gardening is a way to be less dependent on someone else to provide food for your family. Gardening brings joy when you can cut into that big, delicious tomato you grew and picked yourself. Gardening is a great way to spend time outdoors, and get your whole family involved. Why do you think the home improvement stores sell gardening tools for kids? Gardening is great for kids. It teaches them where food comes from, and what it takes to grow something of their own. If you homeschool your children, teach gardening during science.

Why do all that work? Because of all it can bring to your life. Who has the time? You do, if you make the time. Gardening can have such a huge impact on you and your family. Get into gardening this spring!

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