4th Annual Great Elf Giveaway

November 23, 2015

We're back with our 4th Annual Great Elf Giveaway! This year we're giving away an Elf on the Shelf Girl! Here's how to enter --

Elf Planner 2015

November 7, 2015

 For the fourth year running, you can download your copy of the handy Elf Planner today. Thank you to those who have continued to follow Practips all these years. Elf visits are still going strong each holiday season, and here's your annual help to plan visits for each day.

Tips for OCC: Packin' It Right

October 29, 2015

Last year, a group from our church volunteered at the Operation Christmas Child processing center in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was such a blessing to see those donated boxes on a ginormous scale! What I learned from the experience leads me to share with you how to pack OCC boxes, how to get your church or organization involved, and what happens once they leave your hands and arrive to the warehouse.

Book Review: Strong and Kind

Strong and Kind website
Over the last couple of weeks, I had the privilege of reading the book Strong and Kind by Korie Robertson. I'd like to share my thoughts with you in this review, and encourage you to purchase a copy for your home library. Jump start your family on the path toward unity.

Review: Passport 2 Purity

July 27, 2015

Having "the talk" can make parents cringe, or at the least shy away from discussing sensitive issues with their kids. If left to the schools, other parents, or peers, our children can learn societal norms rather than biblical truths. Here is a great way to connect with our kids AND have that talk, without being left with questions about how to approach the conversation or fearing we'll say the something wrong.