Just for Girls Giveaway: Scout Mini Journal Kits

January 24, 2015

During Girl Scout cookie time, how about a quick giveaway for the girls? A winning scout and three of her friends have the opportunity to win. Find out how!

Quick Tip Tuesday: Lunchable Paint Tray

January 20, 2015

Don't throw out that Lunchable container just yet! Why not use it as a handy paint tray? This is great for touch-ups or small projects. Are you a teacher or do you know one? Here's an additional idea for the classroom.

Quick Tip Tuesday: Sock It To Me!

January 12, 2015

Homemade cleaners can be a great alternative to harsh, expensive chemicals. However, sometimes we take the plunge, buying those fancy products for tougher stains. But what happens after a failed attempt to clean the arm rests in your vehicle? When scrubbing solves nothing, and reupholstering isn't an option, here's a simple and effective solution.

Quick Tip Tuesday: Girl Scout Cookie Money

January 6, 2015

January through March is prime cookie sales time for Girl Scouts around the country. Keeping track of the money collected can be a chore, and sometimes worrisome for safety reasons. Here's an idea I picked up from a friend. It's a quick way to disguise your money box. Let's take look inside.

Netflix Movie Review: Gospel of John

December 5, 2014

During the Christmas season, I am reminded of the reason we celebrate this very special holiday. It's no ordinary holiday, mind you. We are blessed with the opportunity to honor the birth of Christ! People may fuss about whether or not to do Santa with their kids, or say that it's just a pagan holiday and it didn't begin as a celebration about Jesus. I'm not focused on such things because it gets in the way of God's story. In fact, keeping baby Jesus in the manger even misses the point. Yes, it's important to know how he arrived on Earth, but let's not keep him there. Let's remember WHY he came. Just released on Netflix is The Gospel of John. Taking the biblical text word-for-word, this film provides a excellent visual of the scripture in action. Please join me as I take a closer look at this new movie.

3rd Annual Great Elf Giveaway

November 22, 2014

Whether elves are pretending to be cowboys or having marshmallow snowball fights with stuffed animals, they bring joy to boys and girls during the Christmas season. Join in the festivities by participating in the third annual Great Elf Giveaway!

In case you missed our dailies last year of our elf, Mike, you can take a look here. We always enjoy Mike's visits, while still remembering the true meaning of Christmas.

If you already have an Elf on the Shelf, please feel free to grab the FREE Elf Planner to schedule and prepare for all your elf's visits!

Now, let's get on with the giveaway shall we?