Netflix Movie Review: Gospel of John

December 5, 2014

During the Christmas season, I am reminded of the reason we celebrate this very special holiday. It's no ordinary holiday, mind you. We are blessed with the opportunity to honor the birth of Christ! People may fuss about whether or not to do Santa with their kids, or say that it's just a pagan holiday and it didn't begin as a celebration about Jesus. I'm not focused on such things because it gets in the way of God's story. In fact, keeping baby Jesus in the manger even misses the point. Yes, it's important to know how he arrived on Earth, but let's not keep him there. Let's remember WHY he came. Just released on Netflix is The Gospel of John. Taking the biblical text word-for-word, this film provides a excellent visual of the scripture in action. Please join me as I take a closer look at this new movie.

3rd Annual Great Elf Giveaway

November 22, 2014

Whether elves are pretending to be cowboys or having marshmallow snowball fights with stuffed animals, they bring joy to boys and girls during the Christmas season. Join in the festivities by participating in the third annual Great Elf Giveaway!

In case you missed our dailies last year of our elf, Mike, you can take a look here. We always enjoy Mike's visits, while still remembering the true meaning of Christmas.

If you already have an Elf on the Shelf, please feel free to grab the FREE Elf Planner to schedule and prepare for all your elf's visits!

Now, let's get on with the giveaway shall we?

Saving Christmas: Review and Giveaway

November 9, 2014

Christmas traditions include huge meals, decorated trees, an abundance of gifts, and Santa Claus whisking off in his sleigh pulled by reindeer. However, many of us are put off, or even angered, by the commercialism and hoopla. The movie Saving Christmas takes aim at this mindset. See my review of the movie, as well as enter a giveaway to win some fabulous movie swag!

Baseball Mom's Best Friend

October 28, 2014

I have been searching high and low for the perfect cleanser for my son's baseball pants. I've tried regular detergents and stain removers, as well as homemade concoctions. Unfortunately, nothing worked for removing red clay. My search is finally over because I found a new best friend!

Get Ready, It's Almost Elf Season

October 20, 2014

It's almost elf season. No, not in the sense of hunting -- that would just be wrong! If you can believe it, Christmas is coming quickly and the elves have begun packing. I know what you're thinking, "It's not even Halloween yet, why are we talking about Christmas already?" In this lull before the swift holiday chaos, now is the time to schedule elf visits. This year's Elf Planner is completed and ready for you!

The Six-Hundred Mile Party

October 6, 2014

Have you ever planned a party from a distance? I just finished planning a surprise 65th birthday party for my mom -- 600 miles away. It was a challenge, but SO worth the effort. Join me as I show you the Three A's in accomplishing this milestone celebration.

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