Fabulously Free Coffee Station

For months, I have looked at a drab, plain wall in my kitchen above my coffee station. There were two needs to address: storing my favorite mugs close by and displaying my K-cup options where I could see them. The goal was to accomplish this task without spending any money and with very little work. Here's what I did.

Part 2: Five More Ways to Reuse Mint Containers

Wait! Don't toss out those empty mint containers! They can be reused to make great projects. After having posted the first five ideas with great response, let's look at five more ways to repurpose these containers to make great things for your home and family.

Hardware Holder

A mint container, or a set of mint containers, can keep all your nails, screws, nuts, bolts, and other hardware neat and organized. To stack them, simply add some hook-and-loop dots to the tops and bottoms of the containers. This will keep them from falling off each other when stored. With a marker or label maker, write the contents on the side of the container so you know what's inside.

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