DIY: K-Cup Multiplication

March 2, 2015

Multiplication can be difficult to master for an elementary student. Let's face it, sometimes we grown-ups have trouble remembering too! For kids who learn best through hands-on playing, here's a fun way to work on math facts AND repurpose some K-Cups in the process.

Cozy Coffee Stations

February 24, 2015

Coffee, java, joe, mud, liquid energy, high octane... Whatever your choice term is for that hot, steamy drink that gets you going in the morning, you deserve a place in the kitchen dedicated to your favorite beverage. I was inspired by an old pallet and a repurposed dresser to create the perfect space. Let's drop in to see how others enjoy their morning brew.

Quick Tip: Less Stress with Jar Meals

February 10, 2015

Jar meals can be a real time saver for busy families. But prepping multiple jars simultaneously can be rather messy without the proper tools. This tip makes cleaning up less stressful.

Movie Review: Roadmap Genesis

February 8, 2015

Does the book of Genesis impact our lives today? Is it still relevant? Should we teach it to our children? Can the truths of Genesis steer humanity in the direction of unity? These questions and more are included in the documentary Roadmap Genesis. Please join me for a review of the movie.

Quick Tip: Whiteboard Wonder

February 3, 2015

Searching for a large dry erase board for your home office or classroom can be a chore, as well as VERY expensive. There IS a cost-effective solution for your space. Here's how we solved our dilemma of finding the perfect dry erase board.

Quick Tip: Get On Board with This Simple Chore Chart

January 27, 2015

Many moms, including me, have scoured the internet for that "perfect" chore chart. In fact, several people I know have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to the search. It's possible to find everything from clothes-pinned dollar bills on a string to complicated software programs designed to schedule each family member's tasks for the day. Every day. Color coded too. Here's how you can end the hunt for the ideal chore chart.