Review: Passport 2 Purity

July 27, 2015

Having "the talk" can make parents cringe, or at the least shy away from discussing sensitive issues with their kids. If left to the schools, other parents, or peers, our children can learn societal norms rather than biblical truths. Here is a great way to connect with our kids AND have that talk, without being left with questions about how to approach the conversation or fearing we'll say the something wrong.

DIY: K-Cups and the Civil War

May 5, 2015

We just concluded another fabulous year of our ladies luncheon at church. The theme was "Somewhere in Time". We had tables including decades, events, and other time periods. My table's theme was the Civil War. I'm always trying to figure out how to recycle my used K-Cups, and here's another fun project I want to share with you!

DIY: 43-Mile Dressing Table Makeover

April 14, 2015

While on a 43-mile yard sale adventure last fall, I found this little gem. After being left out to be weathered, it was unwanted, barely hanging on, and didn't have all the pieces. Knowing it could become fabulous after some tender loving care, I hauled it home for only ten dollars! See what it took to get it back into shape, and what it looks like now.

DIY: How to Stop Laundering Money

March 31, 2015

Oh, the humanity! You know you can get in trouble for laundering money, right? I'll admit, I used to launder money all the time, but I found a clever way to stop it. Come along with me as I show you how to "spare" yourself jail time with this Spare Change Holder for your laundry room.

Product Review: Jesus Sees Us

March 30, 2015

Many children know about characters such as Santa Claus, Elf on the Shelf, the Easter Bunny, and more. But how many children are as familiar with Jesus? Imagine children taking the same interest and wonder in Jesus as they do in these whimsical characters. Many children find comfort in tangible items while they are young, such as a favorite toy or blanket. Imagine children finding the same comforting power in Jesus as they do in these items. Why not introduce them to Jesus in a way which brings joy and will ignite their faith? Together, let's take a closer look at the new Jesus Sees Us doll and book set.